Powder Coating

Powder coating has gained more and more acceptability over the past decade as a surface finishing option. Powder coating offers a durable, chemical and abrasion resistant finish on a variety of substrates. Based on the chemistry of the specific powder, smooth (non-textured) and textured finishes are available in a rainbow of colors and glosses.

  • Powder coating is applied at Consolidated Coating Company via the electrostatic spray technique achieving nominal film thicknesses of between .001” to .004”
  • Powder coating is available in TGIC polyesters, non-TGIC polyesters, hybrids, epoxies, and urethane chemistries, smooth, textured or wrinkle.
  • Polyesters offer good chemical and abrasion resistance and excellent UV stability. These powders are designed for protection of any equipment that is exposed to outdoor service conditions.
  • Epoxies offer excellent chemical and abrasion resistance for components in harsh service environments.
  • Urethanes and hybrids offer a balance of the attributes of either epoxies or polyesters.
  • Our 400 foot automatic powder coating line is capable of applying the specified finish on large volumes of parts efficiently and economically.
  • The effective work envelope at Consolidated Coating Company is 32”w x 43”h x 84”l.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is powder coating?

A. Powder coating a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and for a skin. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher then conventional paint.

Q. What makes the powder stick?

A. There are two make factors involved in making the powder stick. Each part is cleaned with pretreatment washer. This will remove any grease, dirt and anything else that might interfere with the painting process.

Q. Why do you need to bake powder coating?

A. After the parts are coated with powder, they must be properly baked within a proper temperature range. Oven heat will cause the powder to melt and form a plastic sheet around the part. Baking will give the paint durability and finish.



  • Substrates Coated

    Cold rolled steel


  • Coatings Used

    Cold rolled steel


    The Sherwin – Williams
    Tiger Drylac

  • Work Envelope

    32 x 43 x 84 inches

  • Secondary Operations

    Silk Screening of Logos

  • Industries Served

    Medical Instrumentation
    Fire Protection
    Sporting Equipment
    Laboratory Testing Equipment
    Life Sciences

  • Value Added Services

    All work before getting packaged goes directly into the QC room.
    Nothing is shipped unless it is perfect.
    Short term storage of finished or unfinished products
    Production planning and delivery schedules
    Free local deliveries by our own transport facilities

  • Equipment List

    Fully Automatic 400 foot Powder Coating Line