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Understanding Your Engineering Drawings and Paint Specifications

Achieving your finishing objectives begins with understanding your engineering drawings and paint specifications. Consolidated Coating Company’s executive staff has the solid experience and depth of knowledge of being able to read mechanical prints which are the roadmap to completing any paint or powder coating job.  Concise surface preparation and masking requirements, coating specifications, and graphic transfer instructions, which include silk screening, stamping, or pad printing, are essential to the job’s success, lead-time, and quality management of the project.

Decorative Coating of Plastic Parts

Decorative coating at Consolidated Coating Company is done on a variety of plastic substrates. We are a full service finishing company offering both decorative and functional coatings for parts in prototype, small, or large quantities. Our experience and five processing lines enable us to put through multiple projects simultaneously on a consistent basis. Any quantity of parts are treated with same attention to detail.

Decorative Liquid Coating of Metal Parts

Decorative coating on metal components performed at Consolidated Coating Company is attractive and protective in both smooth (color) coats and/or texture coats. From simple to complex parts, we apply these coatings with the same attention to customer requirements. Painting and/or powder coating of metal substrates in small or large quantities is just one of our areas of expertise.

Powder Coating

Powder coating has gained more and more acceptability over the past decade as a surface finishing option. Powder coating offers a durable, chemical and abrasion resistant finish on a variety of substrates. Based on the chemistry of the specific powder, smooth (non-textured) and textured finishes are available in a rainbow of colors and glosses.

RFI/EMI/ESD Shielding

Consolidated Coating Company offers RFI/EMI/ESD coatings onto a variety of plastic substrates to contain emissions within the equipment onto which the parts are assembled. RFI/EMI shielding effectively blocks the high and low frequency emissions many times caused by electronic/electrical devices. Industrial equipment, electronic enclosures, medical equipment, computer housings, electrical instruments, power supplies are some examples of products that could require this type of shielding.

Silk Screening

The addition of graphics onto parts is done through the silk screening process. Any critical information required for the proper use of a component are printed on painted or plated parts via this silk screening process. Silk screening provides a more elegant solution to this information requirement than the use of a stick-on label.

Fluoropolymer Coatings (PTFE/PFA/FEP/ETFA)

Consolidated Coating Company offers the applications of fluoropolymer coatings for various needs. Our high temp batch oven can accommodate temperatures up to 800 degrees F.

Media Blasting

CCC’s newly acquired media blasting cabinet has expanded our industry capabilities of effectively stripping coatings and rust from parts ultimately renewing them for clean painting or powder coating jobs.
Abrasive blasting is the process where small granular particles (media) are propelled at a substrate’s surface by compressed air (or by other means of powered physical force) without damaging the surface. By its quick cutting action on difficult to remove coating, debris or rust, blasting allows us to produce professional finished results.
CCC will deliver the desired surface profile, which promotes adhesion, based on the Society for Protective Coatings SSPC’s standards of cleaning.                                                                                                                                                                   
Common Applications for Blasting:
Cleaning parts, surface profiling for adhesion, stripping parts of old paint or rust, deburring machined parts,removing carbon build-up, removing heat scale, and too many more applications to list.                       
Blasting space capacity is approximately 36”wide X 36” deep X 37” height

Research & Development

Let Consolidated Coating Company help you in your R & D to determine the most appropriate and cost effective finish for your product or part. With our professional experience, knowledge, and attention to important details, we can find the solutions to your coating needs and specifications that could help turn your prototype into production parts. Please give us a call or contact us through our Website to get your project started today.