Media Blasting

CCC’s newly acquired media blasting cabinet has expanded our industry capabilities of effectively stripping coatings and rust from parts ultimately renewing them for clean painting or powder coating jobs.

Abrasive blasting is the process where small granular particles (media) are propelled at a substrate’s surface by compressed air (or by other means of powered physical force) without damaging the surface. By its quick cutting action on difficult to remove coating, debris or rust, blasting allows us to produce professional finished results.

CCC will deliver the desired surface profile, which promotes adhesion, based on the Society for Protective Coatings SSPC’s standards of cleaning.

Common Applications for Blasting:
Cleaning parts, surface profiling for adhesion, stripping parts of old paint or rust, deburring machined parts,removing carbon build-up, removing heat scale, and too many more applications to list.

Blasting space capacity is approximately 36”wide X 36” deep X 37” height