Decorative Coatings Metal Substrates

Decorative coating on metal components performed at Consolidated Coating Company is attractive and protective in both smooth (color) coats and/or texture coats. From simple to complex parts, we apply these coatings with the same attention to customer requirements. Painting and/or powder coating of metal substrates in small or large quantities is just one of our areas of expertise.

  • Liquid coatings offer the ultimate option in economical color selection.
  • If so specified, stud heads, rivet heads, spot welds, etc. are filled and sanded prior to any final finishes for a clean and efficient appearance.
  • We use industrial polyurethanes which have the flexibility of varying texture size and density in almost endless variations.
  • Masking of specified areas is the normal course of production on a daily basis.
  • Only top quality industrial polyurethanes are applied to all metal components to not only enhance the appearance, but also to provide durability to the part when put in service.
  • Multi-color applications to components are available per customers’ requirements.
  • We apply MIL specification coatings, e.g. MIL-P-53022, MIL-C-46168, MIL-P-23377, MIL-PRF-22750, to the appropriate steel or aluminum substrates.


  • Substrates Coated

    Cold rolled steel

  • Coatings Used

    Catalyzed Polyurethanes
    Catalyzed Epoxy

  • Work Envelope
  • Secondary Operations

    Silk Screening of Logos

  • Industries Served

    Medical Instrumentation
    Fire Protection
    Sporting Equipment
    Laboratory Testing Equipment
    Life Sciences

  • Value Added Services

    Short term storage of finished or unfinished products
    Production planning and delivery schedules
    Free local deliveries by our own transport facilities

  • Equipment List

    5 Overhead Conveyor Systems
    13 Spray Booths