Military Coatings

Consolidated Coating Company adheres to military standards and specifications. Many of the processes are reviewed and approved by government procurement.

DOD-P-15328 TT-P-1757 MIL-DTL-15090
MIL-C-8514 TT-P-636 MIL-DTL24441
MIL-P-23377 TT-P-645A MIL-DTL-53039
MIL-P-15328 TT-P-645B MIL-DTL-64159
MIL-P-22332 TT-P-664 MIL-E-15090
MIL-P-26915 A-A-2962 MIL-L-11195
MIL-P-53022 A-A-59166 MIL-L-81352
MIL-P-53030 DOD-E-24607 MIL-PRF-22750
MIL-P-85582 MIL-C-22750 MIL-PRF-24635
MIL-PRF-2337 MIL-C-46168 MIL-PRF-81352
TT-P-1757 MIL-DTL-11195 MIL-PRF-85285
MIL-V-173 MIL-W-5044 TT-E-489
TT-E-490 TT-E-516 TT-E-527
TT-E-529 TT-P-28 A-A-3007
A-A-857 MIL-A-6091 MIL-T-19544
MIL-T-81772 TT-I-735 TT-M-261
TT-N-95 TT-T-266 TT-T-291
TT-T-306 TT-T-548