Consolidated Coating Co., Inc.

Consolidated Coating Company has been satisfying the finishing needs of hundreds of customers for over 30 years. Our extensive experience with a variety of sub-strates coupled with five conveyor lines and 13 spraybooths, allows us to produce multiple projects simultaneously, in both large and small volumes.

The coating of plastic substrates with either decorative or functional materials is a specialty at Consolidated Coating Company. Consolidated Coating Company also regularly paints or powder coats metal substrates such as CRS, aluminum, or alloys.

In addition to these coating services, Consolidated Coating Company offers additional processing steps such as masking, filling and sanding of stud or rivet heads, etc. all to customer specifications. As a final step in the processing of parts, silk screening of logos, operational instructions, connector identification is performed.

Other value added services offered are short term storage of finished or unfinished products, production planning and delivery schedules, local pick-ups and deliveries on our truck.